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Leda, por Lucille Clifton


por Lucille Clifton

leda 1

there is nothing luminous
about this.
they took my children.
i live alone in the backside
of the village.
my mother moved
to another town. my father
follows me around the well,
his thick lips slavering,
and at night my dreams are full
of the cursing of me
fucking god fucking me.

leda 2

a note on visitations

sometimes another star chooses.
the ones coming in from the east
are dagger-fingered men,
princes of no known kingdom.
the animals are raised up in their stalls
battering the stable door.
sometimes it all goes badly;
the inn is strewn with feathers,
the old husband suspicious,
and the fur between her thights
is the only shining thing.

leda 3

a personal note (re: visitations)

always pyrotechnics;
stars spinning into phalluses
of light, serpents promising
sweetness, their forked tongues
thick and erect, patriarchs of bird
exposing themselves in the air.
this skin is sick with loneliness.
You want what a man wants,
next time come as a man
or don't come.

De The Book of Light, Copper Canyon, 1993

Lucille Clifton nació en Depew, New York, el 27 de junio de 1936. Su primer libro de poemas, Good Times, fue considerado como uno de los mejores libros de poesía del año 1969 por el New York Times. Trabajó en diferentes puestos para el gobierno estatal y federal hasta 1971, cuando ingresó en el Coppin State College en Baltimore, Maryland, como escritora resuidente. Allí pudo completar dos colecciones: Good News About the Earth (1972)y An Ordinary Woman (1974). Otras recopilaciones de poemas son Blessing the Boats: New and Selected Poems 1988-2000 (2000), que ganó el National Book Award; The Terrible Stories (1995), que fue nominada para el National Book Award; The Book of Light (1993); Quilting: Poems 1987-1990 (1991); y Next: New Poems (1987). In 1999, fue elegida Canciller de la Academy of American Poetsm y en la actualidad es Distinguished Professor de Humanidades en St. Mary's College of Maryland.

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  1. Hermoso poema qué fuerza en las palabras!!!...
    "next time come as a man
    or don't come".